What Am I Reading?

Every now and again I am asked what I'm reading. Right now it's House of Cards, The Difference, Pride and Prejudice and Fortune and Fate. Chances are that I am reading three or four books at any given time:

  1. A work of fiction that I'm re-reading because I like it (Pride and Prejudice).
  2. A work of fiction that I haven't read before (Fortune and Fate – but I'm about done).
  3. A work of non-fiction (House of Cards), usually political or economic in nature.
  4. Some finance-related book (The Difference) that I plan to review on one of my blogs. I love these especially because I usually get review copies for free. And to me, there is nothing better in life than a free book.

Josh says that reading that many books at once makes me distracted. He's probably right. I am a rather distracted person…

What are you reading?

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