What Do You Do When Your Family is on Vacation — And You’re Not

Even though your family may have the day off, you might still have to run your home business.

Last week, as my husband and son were home all day for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and my cousins decided to take advantage of the day off from college by visiting here, I was reminded, once again, that sometimes as a home business owner you are the only?one working.

Unlike a sick day as a home business owner, a vacation day for everyone else is a little depressing. You still have to get something done, but everyone around you is playing video games, or getting ready to go out to eat. When my family is home, enjoying some time off, here are some of the things I do to try and enjoy some of the fun — while not completely abandoning everything I have to do:


Always with a home business, the workload must be prioritized. On days when you know you won’t get as much done, it’s doubly important that your workload be prioritized. Finish the most important items first, and answer the most pressing emails immediately. You can put off some of your work until the next day, when your family returns to work and school, and you have a little more time on your own.

Be Flexible

While I like to get as much work done during the day as possible, there are times when I have to shift the workload to the evening. When my family is home all day with me, wanting to play games or go out to lunch, it becomes necessary for me to move my schedule around a little bit. This means that I work at night, after the festivities of the day have ended.

Sometimes, it means that I get up an hour or two earlier than I normally would in order to ensure that the most important items are taken care of first.

Bring Your Laptop

If you have a more portable device, you can bring it along. On one adventure, my family was involved in a drive that required half an hour both ways. I brought my laptop along, and worked while we were in the car. I also tend to sit upstairs on the couch with my laptop when my family’s home. That way, I’m not holed up in my office. I’m available for my son and husband, and I can participate (although it slows down the work) in conversation. While I wouldn’t suggest that you spend all your time on the laptop, you can get in a little more work if your family guests are understanding that you do need to get something?done.

Help Your Family Understand

Your family might have a hard time understanding that just because they have the day off doesn’t mean that you do. A home business owner often has at least a few things to take care of each day — even if it’s only checking up on a few things and answering some emails. In some cases, a home business owner might have a lot to do.

Explain to your family that you enjoy spending time with them, but that you still have a lot of work to do. Show them that you can take breaks, and even spend part of the day having fun, but that you will need to spend an hour or two on your home business. Most of the time, they’ll understand.

What do you do on days that your family has time off, and you still have to run your home business?

Image source: Wojciech Kowalski via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Family is on Vacation — And You’re Not”

  1. Mary Jo Manzanares

    I allow a little additional television or video game time than usual. That can give me an hour or so of uninterrupted work time and still feel like a treat to them.

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