What’s on My Bucket List?

Every now and then, you get insight into my life, not just a political rant or shameless self-promotion. Today is one of those times. Mainly because there is the chance at winning $500. J. Money (I hope to meet this guy at the Financial Blogger Conference the first weekend in October) is hosting a cool giveaway. I am trying to the $500 Budgets are Sexy giveaway, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder. No voting necessary, and anyone can join the fun. You enter (this blog post is worth five entries), and then the winner will be chosen randomly. I suggest you head over and enter to win

Now, just in case you're still here, and you care, here are some of the items on my Bucket List:

  1. Visit the four continents I haven't been to yet. (I'm not counting Antartica; I'm ambivalent about that one.)
  2. Raise my son to be a contributing member of society.
  3. Actually go through with cutting out some clients.
  4. Spend more time working on my own blog(s).
I've got a much longer bucket list, but I think this will do for now. 
What's on your bucket list?

1 thought on “What’s on My Bucket List?”

  1. 1) Pay off Student Loans.
    2) See a Shakespeare play in the replicated Globe theater.
    3) Go to Rome.
    4) Ride in one of those cool little boats in Venice (I know they are called gondolas)
    5) Go to Moscow. (Russia, I’ve been to the one in Idaho)
    6) Visit the Louvre
    7) Have a chauffeur (for an evening) that I call Jeeves. (He doesn’t actually have to be named Jeeves…Just respond when I call him that…)

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