What’s in Your Wallet? Take a Peek at What’s in My Purse

When was the last time you cleaned out your wallet? Have look at what’s in my purse.

I’m a firm believer in having what I need handy. Which is why I carry a (somewhat small) purse. Inspired by J. Money’s post today, sharing the contents of his money clip, I thought I’d empty my purse and share what’s in it.

I have more stuff in my purse than J. Money holds in his money clip.

My Wallet

The Contents of Your Wallet/Purse

A few years ago, I heard an address given about how the contents of a young woman’s found (and presumably massive) purse illustrated what kind of person she was. My sister and I spent a few minutes laughing and pulling out our purses to see what kind of twisted things our purses said about us. We especially got a kick out of the pills I carry around and the fact that my notepad had been drawn on by my son: it was full of somewhat violent comic-style superhero exploits that would have probably prompted a concerned call from his teacher had he shared them in class.

What you carry says a lot about you, and what you expect from life. So, here’s what’s in my purse. What do you think it says about me? 😉

  • Cash: My wallet currently has more cash than I normally carry, due the recent sale of an old item. I also have a handful of coins. There is a coupon — something that is normally not in my purse. But it’s for 30% off on contacts, and I’ll need to order contacts soon.
  • Plastic: I have two credit cards (a Visa from the credit union and a cash back Discover) and a debit card in my wallet.
  • I.D.: My driver’s license is included, as is my health insurance card. I also keep a small stock of my business cards in my purse. I never know when I’ll need them.
  • Keys: Car keys to my Subaru, complete with keyring fobs for the gym and for the library. I also have the key to the Prius my husband drives. And, down in there, is the key to my parents’ house.
  • Ready to write: I always keep a notepad of some kind in my purse so I can jot down story ideas, or other information. In a pinch, it keeps my son occupied. I also have sticky notes. I keep a pen and a Sharpie as well, so I have something to write with.
  • Prepared: I also like to be prepared for various situations I find myself in. I keep a small box of matches, a folding brush, a Tic-Tac container of OTC medications I might need, a tube of Abreva, a small tape measure, a small patch kit, and fingernail clippers in my purse.

What’s not in my purse, but should be, are a sanitary napkin (I used it and need to replace it) and the perks card that saves me money at the local grocery store and provides a discount on gas. I took it out last time I traveled and I haven’t replaced it yet.

Why isn’t my cell phone in this picture? Well, because I don’t actually keep it in my purse. I keep it in my pocket.

What items do you carry around with you?

2 thoughts on “What’s in Your Wallet? Take a Peek at What’s in My Purse”

    1. I always have Chapstick around! I have some in each room of the house, in my car, and usually in my pocket. But I don’t have any in my purse right. Should probably fix that!

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