Who Are Your Fellow Americans?

With the recent celebration of Independence Day, I'm reminded of the dream of America that many of us are familiar with. We've most of us been raised on stories of how anyone can make it in America, have their beliefs respected, and be accorded an “equal chance” (whatever that means).

I love this country, and I'm glad to live in it. However, just because I'm grateful to live in America doesn't mean that I don't see some of the problems that still exist. Unfortunately, from our nation's founding, not everyone has been treated equally, and many people have been treated poorly based on culture, religion, race or other characteristics. We're always finding a new group to malign. I was contacted about this interesting video not too long ago. It offers a snapshot of Muslims in America.

As Ramadan approaches, it is worth considering that people are people — no matter their backgrounds.

2 thoughts on “Who Are Your Fellow Americans?”

  1. I loved this video. It brought up so many points that SO many people forget about. I choked up while I was watching cause it is frustrating when so many are so ignorant and filled with so much hate. No matter the race, religion or sexual orientation we are all people and want to be treated as people not a thing, object or a stereotype. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I agree that too often we are prone to actively trying to disassociate ourselves from “the other.” Looking for similarities, I think, is more productive than focusing on differences.

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