Why Do They Want to Take Away My Birth Control?

Over at Babylune, Eliza posted on a petition being sent around by an advocacy group. This petition involves trying to get Johnson & Johnson to ban the Ortho Evra birth control patch. I am bothered by this. Mainly because I use the patch. And I love it.

I'm reminded of that episode of Seinfeld when they are discontinuing “the sponge” and Elaine goes all over town to stock up on her birth control product of choice before it disappears forever. She explains to the ignorant males that women are extremely loyal to their methods of birth control. Of course, I can't stock up on Ortho Evra because it is a “drug” that I need prescription for. I can only get it once a month. No ability build up.

I don't like the pill. I've been on the pill. The hormone level messed with me (maybe I need more estrogen — I don't know). With the patch, I change it once a week. I still have to remember to do it, but it doesn't turn into an annoying daily ritual. And I am seriously opposed to the new implants they have. Sticking something into your body like that? Under your skin? While others love it, it totally creeps me out.

The patch is what works for me. I like it. It fits my lifestyle. It may not fit yours, but don't try to take it away from me. I am loyal to my form of birth control, but I would never try to ban someone else's form of birth control.

One of the issues is the fact that Ortho Evra puts a variable amount of estrogen into the system, and some women absorb it more than others. Some say that the 60 percent more estrogen that some women are exposed to on the patch is more than those on the pill. So, maybe the patch does have higher risks for some women. (Tests show that out of every 10,000 who use the patch for a year, 4 or 5 have a blood clot.)

But to ban it? The key is to talk to your doctor if you are on the patch so that you can see what your risks are. For me, there hasn't been a problem in the nearly five years I have worn the patch.

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