Why I’ve Started Hitting the Freelance Job Boards

After years of just taking what comes, I'm hitting the freelance job boards again.

For the last few years, I haven't had to look for freelance jobs. I've been fortunate to have a combination of long-term clients (mostly for blog content), as well as new clients approaching me.

But I'm shaking things up a little bit. I've got a book coming out, and I feel a little bit like taking a few risks. (Not big risks, mind you. I’m not a huge risk taker.) My decision to hit the freelance job boards isn't just about the fact that I lost a client at the end of June, either. That situation was resolved almost as soon as it arose — thanks to my awesome network.

Freelance Job Boards

New Projects = New Energy

I have a lot of new energy right now. Well, sort of. I feel a lot of good energy at the beginning of a new month, since I'm not behind on anything. But I’m also energized by some of the projects I’m participating in:

  • I wrote a book! I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project next week to help me pay for professional design, formatting, and editing, among other things.

  • I’m more involved with the Plutus Awards this year. I was on the planning committee last year, and I’m doing a little more behind the scenes stuff this year.

  • I’ve been asked to help develop a course. It’s new ground for me, creating the script for a video course, but it’s a challenge that interests me, so I’m excited about it.

  • I might co-write a book with someone I think is really awesome.

These types of projects take time. I'm a little burned out on professional blogging, to tell the truth. I like doing it. I enjoy blogging, and I'm not going to stop. I'm not going to quit writing for other people. But I am going to see what other opportunities are out there.

Perhaps they'll even be high-paying jobs. At any rate, I've seen what Contently offers, and I'm ready to consider what else might be out there.

Google is Changing the Game — Who Will Be Able to Afford Me?

There’s been a lot of chatter amongst bloggers, especially legacy bloggers who have built up authority over the years, about all the changes happening with Google. AdSense, a formerly reliable source of income for many bloggers, is dropping off. Plus, since the SERPs are being gamed by churn and burn sites (hat tip for the info: my buddy Steve), it means that there is less traffic to solid, useful sites for affiliate offers.

While Google probably isn’t doing it on purpose, everything seems to be aimed destroying at the small-to-medium-sized blogs with high-quality content built up over the past few years. And that means many of my clients might not be able to afford to keep me by the time Google’s done ravaging the Internet with its latest algorithm changes. I can’t even rely on Google Authorship to save me because there’s a good chance that my G+ profile is about to suffer death by bot.

Google Authorship

Professional bloggers have to be aware of what’s going on, and it’s vital that they adapt to changing circumstances. Some bloggers are branching out and developing their own courses. Others are looking for targeted affiliate programs that they can offer to specific demographics.

Since I have no interest developing a course, and since my affiliate efforts have so far been disappointing, my main option is to make sure I have other freelance jobs and professional blogging gigs lined up and ready to go.

Oh, and writing books. We’ll hope that ends up being a source of revenue, but I’ve got a couple of books out there. I’m aware of how much I’m likely to make.

So, in order to make sure that I have enough time to do the exciting and interesting projects I want to do — with the people I want to do them with — I need to up my game in other areas. And that brings me back to the freelance job boards. Is it a little weird to think that I might be applying for jobs again? It sure is.

But I also think there’s potential in there. I can be picky about the jobs I apply for, and that’s good feeling.

What do you think? Is the landscape changing for professional bloggers and freelancers? What are you doing about it?

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0 thoughts on “Why I’ve Started Hitting the Freelance Job Boards”

  1. Carmen Rane Hudson

    Eep. Good luck. I was scouting them just the other day and so far I haven’t seen much. And I made my living off of them for 4 years. They seem to have a lot of $1 an article schlock now that just wasn’t there when I started.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      It is difficult to find high paying jobs. And you have to stay away from the marketplaces, which basically amounts to low-balling yourself.

  2. It certainly is frustrating to try to stay ahead of constant changes whether you are talking about Google, Facebook or anything similar. I think that with freelance job boards you just have to be careful. There are people who will lowball you (I know, I just saw some listings when I was on a job board specifically for moms) but there are people willing to pay you what you are worth. It just takes time to find them.

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