Will My Business Account Be Used For Terrorist Activities?

The government isn't taking any chances.

When I went to open a business account (it's about time I separated by business and personal finances!) last week, it struck me as odd some of the questions I was being asked.

“How much do you think you will make a month?” asked the nice man at the bank.

“Will it affect how my account works?” I countered. After all, I was going for basic, free business checking. I'm a writer, the general partner in an LLC where the other partner is my husband.

The bank man looked at me apologetically. “No, to us it doesn't matter. We just have to know for the Patriot Act.”

So I thought about what I make a month right now, and added $1,000 to it. Heaven forbid I get an awesome project one month and it translates into larger than normal earnings. And I get investigated for terrorist activities.

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  1. You know, you did question the banker so even if your income is legitimate you are still on some list somewhere. Let’s just hope you don’t also use Verizon as your cell provider. This is why I cover all of my bases and use a different cell company…oh wait, mine is on the list too. I guess we are all just terrorists.

  2. Nope. Too bad I have to Qwest, though.

    Well, one of the hallmarks of an oppressive government is the amount of stuff that gets to be labeled “state secrets.” And it starts to get iffy when nearly everything is considered “essential to national security.”

  3. At least there is some hope for freedom, and liberties to be resorted. Thank you U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who in August ruled warrantless wiretaps unconstitutional and denies the “state secrets” claim. I am hoping that others will follow suit. And kudos to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for not bowing down to the “sovereign bush” (yet anyways) so that at least we know Verizon turned private data over to the government 720 times without a warrant. I hope this will lead to pressure for disclosure from the other companies, like Qwest and AT&T as well.

    Here is Judge Taylor’s full brief.

  4. At least SOMEONE’S trying to curb the imperial presidency. Checks and balances (remember that crucial part of our Constitution?) have been almost non-existent since 2000

  5. Constitution-what-now…isn’t that something English folks do in the evening. Isn’t kind of silly to think that there is this a document or thingamajig that limits the power a rule can have on his subjects. It would be nice if there was actually such a thing and people held it sacred and followed it. What I am being told is that I would rather be safe then have such a document exist.*

    *-What I said is a little extreme, but in a lot of ways that is how I feel right now.

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