Investing Giveaway: Win AAPL Shares from Nvestly

I'm joining forces with other bloggers to participate in a giveaway from Nvestly.?Enter to win AAPL shares.

One of the the more desirable stocks, even now, with some of the pains Apple has been experiencing since the passing of Steve Jobs, is AAPL. If you're interested in perhaps investing in APPL shares, now might be your chance — and it doesn't have to be an expensive proposition for you.

Social investment platform Nvestly is running a giveaway in which the prize is AAPL shares. The idea is to make investing fun by allowing you to invest — and see how you compare to your friends. It's like the Grow Your Dough thing I've participating in, but someone else keeps track of everything, and you can follow top traders while collaborating on new investment ideas.

It's a cool idea, and Nvestly just helps you see how you're doing — without sharing exact dollar amounts. It's also free to use, which is another bonus. Nvestly just launched, and to celebrate asked me to be one of a few bloggers to offer this cool giveaway to readers.

If you want your chance to win some AAPL shares from Nvestly, just enter below:

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Nvestly plans to give away 25 AAPL shares (which is equal to a little more than $2,500 at the current price). The actual value will, of course, depend on what the shares are worth when the giveaway ends. Another consideration, though, is the fact that AAPL shares could be worth more in the future. If you think AAPL is poised to take off, this is a great way to get a few extra shares. Actually, even if you don't think AAPL shares will do well, it's still worth a go, since you could sell the shares and buy something else instead. Either way, it's free money — money that is likely to grow over time.

AAPL shares

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