Yes, Wealth Inequality is Systemic

The news that more than half the members of Congress are millionaires offers a bit of insight into why the rest of us are no longer truly represented.

income inequlity


The people that make the laws, and the people that pay the people who make the laws, don't have a vested interest promoting a greater degree of income equality and social mobility. Wealth inequality is likely to continue as long as we have this situation.

You have people in power to maintain the status quo. And they continue to maintain the status quo because that's what's comfortable for them and their friends. No one making the laws (and lobbying for the laws) wants to return to a time when CEO pay was about 50 times worker pay when “earning” 300 times worker pay is so much cooler. No one wants to return to a top tax rate in excess of 70 percent when the current system offers so much more to the top.

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