Yup. Party Politics is Waaaay More Important than the People

Jon Stewart nails it again. We've reached a point where party politics, and making sure “the other guys” lose, is more important than actually doing the people's business.

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And doesn't matter which party is in charge.

The same people who were just fine with expanding government debt (fun trivia: Reagan was the guy who politically popularized the idea of an acceptable deficit as an engine of economic growth) when they were in charge are now screaming about how important it is to balance the budget.

Of course, the same people who are in charge now and screaming about partisan obstruction will be using similar tactics when they are the minority.

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1 thought on “Yup. Party Politics is Waaaay More Important than the People”

  1. Spot on! It shouldn’t be that John Stewart is the sane voice in the sea of mindless drones in the media. Others need to be screaming to both parties to get over the two-party fights and get things done

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