The “Zion Curtain” Falls

Happily, the Utah State Legislature is about to stop inflicting itself upon us. It's been interesting. And somewhat depressing. It always is.

In spite of statement offering sort-of support from the LDS Church for partner rights for gays, our legislators aren't likely to let homosexuals have the “extra” rights of property, hospital visitation and insurance coverage they desire here in Utah. My gosh, we wouldn't want to give gays “preferential” treatment, would we?

These fine, moral legislators also managed to ignore or kill almost any bill with a whiff of ethics reform. Keep those lobbyist gifts a-coming!

Additionally, the rainy day fund remains totally intact — just in case we run into a budget problem or if financial issues come to the fore.

My favorite bit of legislative controversy, though, was the debate over the “Zion curtain.” In debating changes some of Utah's liquor laws (don't bother trying to understand them), legislators thought that a 10-foot wall in restaurants serving alcohol might be in order. After all, if we don't let kids look at bottles of alcohol and if we don't talk about it, they won't experiment with it. It's worked so very well with sex. At least in the case of the Zion curtain common sense prevailed and the measure was removed from consideration.

Do you have some favorite highlights of the 2009 legislative session?

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