Happy Thanksgiving! 10 Reasons I’m Grateful for My Home Business

Gratitude is a great thing. Here's why I'm thankful for my home business and it all it provides to me.

I love Thanksgiving. A holiday meant for gratitude (and food) is always a good idea. Before the materialism that defines Christmas really starts to have its way with everyone, I like to take the time to be thankful. And, this year, as I start my own personal finance blog, I recognize how blessed I am.

10 Reasons to Love My Home Business

I'm especially lucky to be able to work from home, owning my own business. Here are 10 reasons I'm grateful for my home business:

  1. I'm writing this in my pajamas. Seriously. I can go to work in my pajamas.
  2. I can take time out to play with my son, or go to lunch with my husband.
  3. My clients are awesome. I work with some of the best people.
  4. My commute is about 30 seconds, the time it takes me to walk from my bedroom to my home office.
  5. I choose my own schedule. If I need to take care of something pressing, I can shift my workload.
  6. The projects I take on are up to me. I can decline or accept, according to my current goals and schedule.
  7. I can earn as much money as I need/want.
  8. Did I mention that I love the people I work with, and have the chance to meet?
  9. I can work from anywhere — as long as I have a good Internet connection. That means I'm not limited by my location.
  10. My trips to awesome blogger conferences are tax deductible. I get to meet other bloggers, visit other cities, learn new ways to make my business more effective?and?enjoy a tax break.
Owning a home business isn't for everyone. There are some difficulties that can arise as part of being a home business owner. So, while it can be a good dream to quit your day job, you do need to make sure you are ready to take that step. And, while there are some days that put stress on me, I find that upsides of having a home business far outweigh the downsides.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! 10 Reasons I’m Grateful for My Home Business”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Hey, 9 out of ten we share in common (yeah, I don’t go to blogger conferences). But I will add:

    “I can crank up the music as loud as I want, and I don’t have to panic red alert if I hit an NSFW page on Digg or Twitter.”

    1. Nice! Now I have two more items to add to my list 😉 Although I can’t crank my music up when my husband’s home and working.

  2. Valentine Belonwu

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    First I must say I am not suprised that you are celebrating your success today because it is the joy and wish of everyone in business to see their business flourish.
    I have read through ur post above and I must say that it is not easy running a home business because in as much as it looks easy, it requires a lot and a lazy man cannot cope with this so I must say well done for your hard work and once again Happy Thanksgiving!

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