3 Affordable Hobbies to Try at Home

Finding hobbies to do at home are all the rage. If you keep mentally poking yourself and saying “I need a hobby,” then maybe it’s time to listen to that inner voice.

This is a guest post from my friend Karen Cordaway. Her book, The Everyday Bucket List Book: 10 Steps to Bring More Exciting Experiences to Everyday Life, is available on Amazon.

If you’ve been hoping to try out some new hobbies such as macramé, hydroponics, or photography, but you can’t seem to take the first step, it happens. No matter if you’re looking to pick up some interesting hobbies in the short-term during quarantine or you’re hoping to commit to something for a long time, this post can give you the push you need.

The best hobbies allow you to explore your interests without draining your wallet. I rounded up a shortlist of hobbies and answered common questions about them to help turn your “someday” ideas into fun things to do today.

Vote for Macramé as one of your DIY go-to hobbies

Macramé is coming back as a great hobby to pick up. If anyone grew up in the eighties, they know that macrame was a big hit back then. People hung these decorative art pieces all around their house to beautify their space.

Though it was popular at that time, it dates back to ancient times and has been found to resurface throughout history. According to Wikipedia, it was commonly used for tablecloths, bedspreads and curtains during Victorian Times. I now see multiple tutorials all over Pinterest to create wall hangings, coasters and more.

Is macramé easy?

Though I’m sure some patterns are easier than others, if you follow the steps in a video tutorial, it’s easier than you think. It’s a series of basic knots that start to form a pattern. Like trying a new recipe, follow it to a tee until you get the hang of it.

It can also be considered easy in the sense that you don’t need a bunch of equipment or supplies to do it. It’s affordable and the materials are readily available and sold at different stores.

What material is used for macramé?

A variety of materials can be used for macramé. It all depends on what you want to make. If you see a tutorial that catches your eye, look up the materials needed to replicate the same craft. After speaking with a worker at Michael’s Craft Store, they explained how types of yarn, cotton twine, jute, and hemp can be used.

How do I get started with macramé?

Look for a video tutorial or check out Pinterest or Instagram to find something you’d like to make. Personally, I think you should make something easy to start. Once you find a tutorial, get the needed materials, and start crafting away. This can be a way to relax in your free time or have more balance in life. If you get good at it, maybe it can even become one of the best hobbies to make money on the side.

Hydroponics can be one of the best indoor hobbies to try

How does hydroponics work?

Though it sounds like a fancy science term, hydroponics is basically growing plants without soil.

According to FreshWaterSystems.com “Hydroponic flowers, herbs, and vegetables are planted in inert growing media and supplied with nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water. This system fosters rapid growth, stronger yields, and superior quality.”

It goes on to explain how the roots of a plant are looking for nutrients. When you take soil out of the equation, the plant can directly get what it needs and can grow more rapidly versus when it’s grown in soil.  In essence, it cuts out soil as the “middle man” and speeds up the process.

What can be grown in hydroponics?

There are a variety of fruits, vegetables and even herbs that can be grown in hydroponics. Peppers and chives thrive in warm to hot temperatures while strawberries, blueberries, basil, chives and beans do best in warm temps. Spinach and Kale can withstand cool to warm temperatures. Radishes just need a cool environment.

Can hydroponics be done at home?

Hydroponics can be done at home as long as you have the right temperatures and lighting, your plants should be able to thrive. If natural lighting isn’t enough, you might need to get additional lighting. If you’re wondering, “how do I start a hydroponics garden for beginners?”, check Amazon or Home Depot to find a kit that’s right for you and your budget.

Photography: One of the Easiest Types of Hobbies to Start

Since most people have a smartphone, photography can be a very easy hobby to pick up. From food to vacation landscapes. Not to mention all the selfies we take with besties and relatives. Almost anything is fair game for snapping a quick photo with your smartphone.

Is photography an expensive hobby?

Photography is as expensive as you make it. One of my friends majored in photography out of Pratt in NY. She explained how you truly don’t need fancy equipment to take great photos. She even won a contest and her work was on display in Times Square with photos she shot using her smartphone.

Depending on what you’re looking to do, there are tutorials all over the internet to help you get better at photography. Glean inspiration from social media too. Check out photographers such as Jessica Wang, Wonguy and David Suh on Tiktok along with Mario Testino, Stacy Kranitz and Steve McCurry on Instagram. Once you identify the type of photography you’d like to focus on, start researching and practice away.

Is photography a good skill?

Photography is a good skill to have and even sounds great on a resume. It never hurts to be a better photographer. You can capture special moments, take flattering photos of people or snap wonderful candids.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies to Do at Home

There are plenty of interesting hobbies to do at home. You just have to get a little creative. Try the hobbies mentioned above to see if they become a one off bucket list experience or a keeper to enjoy for years to come.

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